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Wright Walter

Year working: Working 1960’s - 1998

Technical illustrator, work was used in the Profile publication series. Also illustrated other transport books. Initially lived and worked in the UK. Worked in Leicester for an advertising company before going freelance. In the 1970’s he had commissions from the USA leading him to move with his family to the States. He worked with the aerospace industry as a technical illustrator and also designed postage stamps. He died in 1998.

Further reference

Profile # 2, 8, 11, 16, 20, 30, 42, 54, 59, 63, 66, 72, 76, 78, 82, 90 by various authors published by Profile 1965 onwards Veteran and Vintage Cars by David Burgess-Wise published by Hamlyn 1970


Connaught Formula 2 illustration from Profile Publications 42

Auto Union 1936 illustration from Profile Publications 59