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Wilkins Gordon

Year working: 1912 - 2007

Principally a Journalist but produced many sketches and cartoons for magazines. One of the principals of the Fedden car for which he drew body styling and details. He was born in Liverpool joining The Motor magazine in 1933. He was an accomplished photographer and artist. In the pre-war period he contributed many sketches, cartoons and technical drawings to the magazine. After the war in 1947 he joined The Autocar magazine post his abortive attempts with the Fedden car. He worked for them until 1953 when he started as a freelance journalist in which role he continued for the rest of his life combining with some television work.

Further reference


Cartoon showing the Mercedes pit crew putting the different size wheels on the wrong way. Cartoon is signed by the team and drivers. Image courtesy of Bonhams

RACING DRIVERS SONG Cartoon for The Motor magazine circa 1938