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Shuffrey Reginald A

Year working: 1886 - 1952

Important pre-war artist who did advertisements and worked for The Motor and The Autocar also other contemporary motoring magazines. As early as 1912 he was working for The Motor producing header sketches.. For further details about the artist see article in Autoclassic magazine 20th February 1991. Worked for The Morris Owner magazine from April 1924. Did many cover designs for The Autocar commencing on 11 November 1927 with an advert for Rugby cars. For earlier work see The Motor Owner magazine September 1919. Still working for The Motor in 1934 see Street lighting illustration 28th November 1934. Shuffrey was also a popular book illustrator of the 1930’s working on books for Ward Lock publishers and others. Also noted is a London Underground poster for Speedway events dated 1928. He was the son of the artist James Allen Shuffrey (1859 - 1939)

Further reference

MY PICTURE BOOK OF MOTORS by various authors published Ward Lock late 1920s THE WONDER BOOK OF MOTORS 3rd edit Harry Golding published Ward Lock circa 1937


1924 Morris Bullnose Cowley on Sudan to Nairobi route

Book illustration from My Picture Book of Motors Image courtesy of Tom Brierley

Straker Squire advertisement in The Motor Owner December 1920

Morris sales brochure 1931 for the Dutch market Image courtesy of Peter Card Transport Collector Auctions

Morris Owner cover August 1933 Image courtesy of Rob Symonds

Illustration for The Motor Owner 1919

Vauxhall Motorist front cover January 1937

Morris sales brochure illustration

London Underground poster

Hutchinson Tyres Fred Barnes successes

Autocar magazine front cover April 1931

Autocar magazine front cover June 1930

Autocar magazine front cover April 1930

Autocar magazine front cover May 1930

Morris Owner front cover June 1925

Morris Owner front cover January 1929