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Robb Brian

Year working: 1913 - 1979

Robb was a recognised artist trained at the Chelsea School of Art and at The Slade. He also taught at Chelsea School of art before and after the war and eventually became Head of Illustration at the Royal College of Art. He worked for many companies including producing posters for Shell and London Transport. Robb illustrated many books during his career. His work also includes a series of advertisements for Morris cars 1946 – 1948 normally featuring a man and woman talking with a Morris car in the background. It would also seem that he worked earlier for Alvis cars as there is an advertisment in The Motor in 1936 that appears to be signed Robb. From the number of illustrations for different manufacturers in the Autocar magazine in 1946 it can be assumed there was some link.

Further reference


Autocar front cover September 1946. Image courtesy of Hermann Egges

Alvis advertisement October 1936. Imaqge courtesy of Hermann Egges

Autocar 20 December 1946

Ford advert front cover Autocar 20 September 1946