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Moore George

Year working: 1890 - 1910's

Pioneer cycling artist. When Dangerfield launched in 1891 CYCLING, a weekly magazine, he used drawings by Moore. Moore went on to be one of the first artists to be employed by Temple Press the publisher of The Motor magazine. I have yet to see any automobile drawings by Moore but I am sure they exist. (this sentence prompted David Lawrence in the USA to send me this fine image of a painting in his possession illustrated here) The book listed below has three pages of reminisenses of George Moore. He also produced some excellent early cycling posters for both UK and continental Firms. Artist signature slightly unusual that the initial G has the downstoke of the G forming the first upright of the M.

Further reference

Bouverie Street to Bowling Green Lane by Arthur Armstrong - Hodder and Stroughton 1946


Front cover of Motor Cycling magazine December 1909.

Swift Cycles poster

Clement Cycles Paris

Humber Cycles Paris

Early automobile artwork.. Image courtesy of David Lawrence.