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Michie Alastair

Year working: 1921 - 2008

Alastair Michie was born in France the son of the Scottish artist Anne Redpath and Architect James Michie. They returned from France to the family home in Hawick in 1934. Alastair studied at Hawick High School and did Achitectural studies in Edinburgh until the start of the war. After the war he declined to continue his studies but started working in London as a freelance designer and illustrator. He eventually moved to Wareham in Dorset where he lived for the rest of his life. In the 1960's he moved into abstract painting and sculptures. The two illustrated advertisements came from the 1955 Braemar Gathering book. Being for different clients it is assumed that the work came from an advertising agency and not direct instructions from the companies.

Further reference


Advertisement for Regent TT petrol and Havoline oil. Image courtesy of The Richard Roberts Archive.

Dunlop Tyres advertisement. Image courtesy of The Richard Roberts Archive.