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McConnell J E

Year working: 1940' - 50's

Book illustrator who illustrated a Childrens' book 'Triumphs of Sport and Speed' published in 1947. Also illustrated the two 'ghosted' Mike Hawthorn author books - Carlotti Takes the Wheel' and 'Carlotti Joins the Team'. Assumed not to be the J McConnell who exhibited at Silverstone in 1994

Further reference


Cover design for 'Triumphs of Sport and Speed' 1947.

Illustrationfrom 'Triumphs of Sport and Speed' titled 'Mick Slashed Between Two of His Opponents'. Image courtesy of Michael Worthington -Williams.

Dust cover for book 'Carlotti Takes the Wheel' 1959

Dust cover for book 'Carlotti Joins the Team' 1959