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Matthews Tony

Year working: Working 1970’s –

Tony Matthews was born in Ipswich and attended Hitchin Grammar School for Boys where he was keen on art studies. Initially he was destined for an engineering apprenticeship, but the careers master introduced him to James Allington. (See my page on Allington and his automobile cutaway art). Tony was immediately gripped by the art and spent the next school holiday working for him. On leaving school he managed to convince Allington to give him an apprenticeship which lasted five years. He stayed with him for a further four and a half years before taking a break from illustration art. As a change Tony made furniture and worked as a race mechanic. By chance he got a job with Motor Sport and Motoring News magazines where he completed cutaways of the contemporary and historic racing cars. He worked there for five years before going freelance. Tony illustrated and designed as a freelance until 2003. At this time the market for such work was changing with the increase in computer graphics and he decided to move on to new career.. Tony Matthews should be credited with taking cutaway art from a technical illustration into an art form. Superb work

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