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Lord Peter

Year working: 1912 - 2002

In their September 2017 auction Bellman Auctioneers had a folio of 17 drawings by Peter Lord. Looking at the drawings they are the work of a good amateur who was portraying the motoring events of the time. A little more research showed that he was a close friend and business partner of Bill Urquart Dykes. Urquart Dykes and his wife Ruth were very much part of the Brooklands racing scene with a particular liking for Alvis cars. Peter obviously was a frequent visitor to the track and wrote about Alvis in later life. It could be that some of his illustrations were used in the club magazine?

Further reference


Composite of 4 of the paintings in the collection

Detail of ERA's - First Past the Stands

Raymond Mays ERA breaking the Brooklands lap record.

Alvis front wheel drive race car.