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Leyden John (Jock) Michael

Year working: 1908 - 2000

Illustrations in The Autocar magazine see 29th September 1933. Also Autocar 12th January 1962 for caricature of Jim Clark and Trevor Taylor..Leydon is best known as being South Africa's principal political cartoonist. Was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Moved to south Africa in 1926. Was a self taught cartoonist working for newspapers early in his career. His main love was motorcycles and sketched motorcycle racing. Returned to the UK in 1933 for three years. During this time he met Leslie Grimes who tried to get Jock permanrent employment. On return to South Africa he further develop his anti Nazi and Apartheid cartoons. It would seem that he would submit cartoons to The Autocar as the cartoons of Jim Clark and Trevor Taylor have a South African address on the reverse.

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A rolling Clark gathers no Moss