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Jalland George Herbert

Year working: Working 1880’s - 1900’s

Jalland was an author, artist and illustrator that drew a whole range of sporting subjects. Probably best known for his equestrian work and was similar to Leech, depicting the humours of the sport. It is not surprising that his humour include the early motor cars and he was a regular contributor to Punch, The Sporting Magazine, The Graphic, Pall Mall Magazine and Fores Sporting Notes and Sketches. He signed his work with a monogram of his initials followed by his surname and often the date. The image illustrated alongside is dated 1901.

Further reference

There is a bibliography in MR PUNCH WITH HORSE AND HOUND published New punch Library circa 1930


Cartoon showing a 1900 Decauville Image courtesy of Malcolm Jeal

'Hardly Likely'. Cartoon for Punch magazine 12 December 1896. Image courtesy of David Burgess-Wise

'Deer-stalking made easy'. Cartoon for Punch magazine 19 September 1896. Image courtesy of David Burgess-Wise

'Decidedly uncomfortable'. Cartoon for Punch magazine 25 July 1896. Image courtesy of David Burgess-Wise.