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Hutton Peter

Year working: Working 1970’s

Artist who produced 1960's brochure and advertising art but moved on to architectural prospective drawings. In 2001 he moved back into car art, producing collectors cards for BP. Currently Hutton is working on historic car illustration along with maritime scenes. He was a student at the age of 13 years at Twickenham School of Art and it was there he met Ken Dallison. They left Twickenham together and worked at London Agencies before going freelance and working together at Ford. Ken went back to the USA to make his own way as a respected automobile artist. Peter worked in Europe for Ford Europe and the agency J. Walter Thompson. Ford followed for Vauxhall, Aston Martin, Honda and Shell. Then followed 30 years work in architectural design, initially for Milton Keynes but then for other Architects. His current art of views of cars has a cutaway feel but infact are automobile studies with panels removed. Some similarity to the art of Bob Freeman with text integrated with the art. However the appearance is a lot more bold producing excellent art principally aimed at the collector's market.

Typical Ford artwork of the early 1960's

Ford advertisement 1961 for front cover of The Motor magazine.

Vauxhall advertisement for front cover of The Automobile magazine 1962.

Cover of Aston Martin sales brochure for DB4 convertible.

Maserati 250F completed in 2007.

Lotus 25 completed in 2010.

1957 MV Agusta

Aston Martin Vantage at Goodwood 2017