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Hulmes J

Year working: 1940 - 1950's

In September 2020 Edmonds Auctions had a sale that had two lots of artwork by J Hulmes. One lot contained art completed for a Morris Commercial Morris Distributor Conference menus from the April 18th 1951 event at the Regency Club Birmingham, each having a different illustration to the front cover by Hulmes, also a Morris Commercial Cars Ltd. Senior Staff Dinner menu, Feb 16th 1951, also illustrated by Hulmes. The other lot contained 11 original cartoons of a motoring nature. These were undated but had the artist's address on the reverse - 20 Mill Rise, Westdene. Brighton. It would seem that he was in the habit of submitting cartoons to the motoring press as one cartoon has written on the overlay Both the Motor and Autocar rejected this!

Further reference


Morris Commercial cards from 1951.