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Henville Peter Allingham

Year working: 1925 - 2000

Little was known about Peter Allingham, the first item I came across was the painting of the Triumph Roadster. However a fuller biography has now been written by his son Nik and published on a website listed below. It would seem that he always worked freelance often via the Artists Partners agency. They had the account for Morris and later British Motor Corporation. It would seem that Henville was the car body and chrome painter at Artist's Partners, others would do the backgrounds and people. I guess the vast majority of his car work is unsigned particularly where more than one artist contributed to the artwork. However we are fortunate that some signed advertisements exist. Henville signed the Morris Cars artwork for a front cover of the Autocar dated 15th August 1952. (Unusual to see signed front cover artwork at such late a date). Also the Morris Minor advertisement shown below from June 1957 has the initials PAH below the nearside front wheel. Richard Roberts has also sent me the Morris Oxford advert of 1954.

Photograph of Peter Henville. Image courtesy of Nik Henville

1947 Triumph Roadster Image courtesy of Peter Giles

Morris Oxford advertisement. Image courtesy of Richard Roberts

Morris Minor advertisement June 1957 in Motor Sport magazine initialled PAH Image courtesy of Hernamm Egges

Scott motorcycle. Image courtesy of Nik Henville.

Autocar 15 August 1952