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Fisher John E

Year working: 1938 -

In a motoring art context, best known as a cutaway artist with the Autocar magazine. However with IPC he produced illustrations for Motor Cycle, Motor Transport, Yachting World and Flight magazines together with many minor publications. Here in his own words is his biography written in 2022. …………………………………………………………………………. I was born in Coventry in 1938. Our house was bombed and we moved to live with my grandparents at Brandon. After the war we returned to Coventry. At 11 I attended Cheylesmore Secondary Modern. It was here that my drawing skills were noticed and I was encouraged to apply for Coventry junior art department aged 13. My employment as an illustrator began with Johnathon Smith Associates Coventry. A wide range of work, mainly spare parts but I also did cutaways of the Gyroscopes for the ill fated Blue Streak. Stan Wright (later to teach at the art school) taught me a great deal. in 1959 I applied to Illifes. Interviewed by Max Millar. Working as Vic Berris and Frank Munger’s little helper, doing details etc. all contributing my education. In 1964 now married and with unfulfilled artistic ambition. I applied to and attended Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts after graduating in 1968 I had a series of part-time appointments teaching at Winchester School of Art, Farnham School of Art and at Thurrock Technical College. In 1975 I applied for a full-time post at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. A year later I became Head of the Illustration Department. With my connections I was able to invite John Hostler, Frank Munger to teach and Brian Hatton as an overseer of standards. This full-time post now gave me time pursue my painting career and in 1987 I became a frequent contributor to The Francis Kyle Gallery group shows and one man exhibitions. In 1995 I took early retirement to pursue my painting career with Francis. The gallery closed in 2016. I continue to paint and exhibit occasionally.

Further reference


Illustration of Triumph GT6 for the Autocar magazine 1966.

1963 British Racing Partnership F1 BRM

Reliant Robin. Autocar cutaway Sept 1964