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Fiore Trevor

Year working: 1937 -

Trevor Fiore was born Trevor Frost in the UK in 1937, his mother was Italian. Afn initial apprentiship with Standard Triumph whilst taking art courses in Birmingham. He joined the Standard Design Studio in 1956. After working with them for six years he left the UK to work with the Raymond Loewy in Paris. In 1964 he joined Fissore a small body styling studio in Milan where he changes his name to mother's family name. Here he worked for a diverse range of mainly smaller manufacturers and is particularly well known for his TVR designs. But as seen from images he also produced studies for Jaguar/Daimler. In 1980 he joined Citroen where he worked on the Karim and Xenia project cars. In 1990 he left Citroen and apart from a few small studies has not worked in the automobile industry. Barbara Kirk auctions sold a small archive of the Jaguar/Daimler styling drawings in June 2017.

Further reference


Jaguar saloon styling exercise circa 1965

Daimler sports car styling cica 1965 side view

Daimler sports car styling cica 1965 three-quarter view

Daimler sports car styling cica 1965 side view