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Crosby Peter Gordon

Year working: 1914 – 1943

Son of Gordon Crosby worked as a motoring artist in his own right including illustrating an MG publicity booklet "About George" and posters for events such as Shelsley Walsh (27 May 1933). Similarly a Railton advertisement see "Motor Sport" September and October 1934.Also did the front cover for "The MG Magazine" November 1933. See also front cover Railton advertisement for The Autocar 10.9.1937. Normally signed work ‘Peter Crosby’ in fine script but the work illustrating the 1938 Castrol Achievements simply has the initials PGC. Very little has been written about Peter Crosby, only one article by James Fack. Peter Crosby died in 1943 when his fighter aircraft was lost over the channel.

Further reference

Peter Crosby: Artist of the Railton by James Flack article in Railton Owner’s Club Bulletin May/June 1991


August 1934 advert artwork for Railton cars

Autocar cover September 1937

Autocar April 1938

Illustration from a Railton brochure

Artwork for front of 1937 Castrol Achievements

Autocar cover August 1938

Autocar cover September 1938

Donnington programme 1939 for Empire Trophy race

Watercolour of racing car

Autocar cover September 1938