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Birabongse Prince

Year working: Working 1930 - 1940s

The famous racing driver was also a trained artist. Illustrated dust jackets for several books written by his cousin Prince Chula and his own book. In Road Star Hat Trick there is a self-portrait bronze casting of Bira. In Bits and Pieces there are racing car sketches by Bira.

Further reference

DICK SEAM AN RACING MOTORIST by Prince Chula of Thailand published Foulis 1941 ROAD STAR HAT TRICK by Prince Chula published Sun 1939 ROAD RACING by Prince Chula published Sun 1937 WHEELS AT SPEED by Prince Chula published Sun 1936 BITS AND PIECES by Prince Bira published Foulis 1942


Dick Seaman dust jacket (Top) Road Star Hat Rick (Bottom) Image courtesy of Tom Brierley

Road Racing 1936 (Top) and Bits and Pieces (Bottom)