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Beauvais Charles Frederick

Year working: 1895 - 1971

Beauvais was born in Southgate, London the son of a French father and English mother. His father Charles Henri Beauvais was an artist and lithographer. He had designed early cycling poster. He kept his father's French nationality growing up in Clapham & Lewisham. He joined the army in 1914 remaining until the war ended. In 1919 he was making patents and setting up cyclecars.He launched the CFB cyclecar circa 1920. This went into liquidation in 1921, however he produced a second car BOW-V. By 1923 the production had ended. He joined The Motor magazine in 1925 as Technical Art Editor which also involved using his own art. He worked for The Motor until 1929. Then followed a period working for varios motor manufacturers and coach builders. In 1935 he joined Crossley motors before leaving to Australia in 1937. In Australia he worked as a stylist with companies such as General Motors and Holden. He joined The Argus newspaper during the duration of the war as a staff artist. After the war he moved to Sydney setting up his own design company. He died in St Leonards, Sydney in 1971.

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Poster designed by C H Beauvais, Charles father.

Seagrave driving the Sunbeam leading the Boulogne Speed Trials . Artwork for The Motor magazine

Artwork for The Motor Magazine

1936 article with sketch of rear engined car for The Motor