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Basebe Henry

Year working: Working 1920’s – 1930’s

A significant early motoring artist working for various manufacturers, probably as a freelance. (Note has an é at the end of his name Basebé). Advertisements for Vauxhall, Sunbeam and Wolseley in The Motor Owner magazine 1924. Lanchester advertisement in The Autocar magazine 10th September 1926. Front cover of The Autocar for Wolseley cars on the 22nd February 1935. Illustrated the 1935 sales brochure for Wolseley cars plus he would have seem to have illustrated Vauxhall catalogues. Several Vauxhall paintings were part of the Baron collection. One of these original paintings was signed H le Basebé.

Further reference


Illustration from The Motor Owner 1924

Vauxhall gouache painting ex Baron collection

Autocar March 1933

Vauxhall gouache painting ex Baron collection

Lanchester Advertisement

Sunbeam Advertisement

Autocar February 1935

Autocar advert for Lanchester cars 12 June 1931