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Barrett R Granger

Year working: Working 1930’s - 1960’s

Cannot find any biographical details on this artist. Do not know if the surname is Granger Barrett or just Barrett? My interest in this artist was generated by buying watercolours of veteran and vintage cars in Christies on 1st November 1999 (Lots 19-22). These looked like book illustrations. However, have recently found out that what I had were preliminary works for larger calendar illustrations by Eversheds of St Albans. It would seem that Granger Barratt was a well known stamp designer, poster artist and painted landscapes. He obviously had an interest in motoring work as other images have been seen. For example a full page illustration in The Motor magazine 1st February 1938 entitled ‘Skylights and Headlights’.

Further reference


1913 Humberette preliminary.

1904 Star preliminary

1904 Star final work used for calendar by Eversheds. Image courtesy of Nick Fresson.

Veteran car at Buckingham Palace image used for Eversheds calendar. Courtesy of Nick Fresson

Rolls-Royce styling drawing.

Continental sports car at speed

Poster design

Pen and ink illustration of a Panhard & Levassor saloon .