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Tayler Laurence (Laurie) Bush

Year working: 1882 - 1972

Illustrator and artist who was born in the UK in London. His parents took him to Australia in 1884 when he was just over a year old. He studied at Melbourne National Gallery School 1908 - 1911. He left Australia coming back to England in 1913. He had London exhibitions of Australian art in 1924 and 1926. Probably worked for Vauxhall in the 1930's as evidence by the illustrations. Very distinctive elongated signature with long tails to L and T. He died in London in 1972

Further reference


Distinctive signature.

Vauxhall Motorist December 1935. Image courtesy David Burgess-Wise

Vauxhall Motorist April 1936. Image courtesy David Burgess-Wise

Vauxhall Motorist August 1936. Image courtesy David Burgess-Wise

Undated cartoon. Image courtesy of David Burgess-Wise.

Cartoon for Bedford Transport Magazine ‘OLD IT BERT ‘OLD IT I THINK I HAVE DROPPED ME FAG Image courtesy of Barrie Pook

DELAYED AGAIN - book illustration - Chummies 1925

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