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Sykes Charles R

1875 – 1950

Famous artist and sculptor who made many designs for car mascots including the famous ‘winged lady’ for Rolls-Royce. This mascot designed in 1911 is still in use today. He also painted scenes incorporating Rolls-Royce cars used in the early sales brochure for the 40/50 Hp cars in 1910/1911. Six paintings were commissioned in 1909 which show the arrival at the opera, a country house, a salmon river and a shooting covet side. For one a pair of pictures see lot 114 Sotheby's sale 17 June 1997. In 1932/33 Sykes was commissioned to design a new mascot for Bentley Motors many sketches were produced and several of these have appeared in auction. He also painted a front cover for Car Illustrated in 1908 and the artwork for an Avon Tyres advertisement in 1928.

Further reference

ALICE IN MOTORLAND by Horace M Wyatt published The Car Illustrated 1905


Returning Home From A Christmas Fancy Dress Ball (Consternation of Hodge on being confronted with a vision of his satanic majesty). From The Car Illustrated magazine 18th December 1907. Image courtesy of Malcolm Jeal

Illustration from Alice In Wonderland Image courtesy of Malcolm Jeal

Illustration for a serialised story in The Car - Illustrated 19th December 1906. Image courtesy of Malcolm Jeal

Arrival at the Opera, early Rolls royce advertising commission

Christmas Card design 1903