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Page Theo

Working 1950’s- 60’s

Best known as a cutaway and technical artist working for Autosport, Speed & Power and The Motor magazines. His principal output was via Autosport. Besides the cutaways Theo Page also drew for Autosport at race meetings, called 'Page in the Pits', showing details of racing cars, sketched on the spot. Also did ‘looser’ watercolour jacket designs for Gregor Grant's book 'World Championship' and John Bolster’s book ‘Motoring is My Business’. His illustrations were also used in Bolster’s book ‘French Vintage Cars’ referenced below. There is also an interesting story of Page’s forging abilities on the Bear Alley web. He ‘created’ passes for the circuit in his Le Mans hotel room so the young Don Grant could wander around the track.

Further reference

French Vintage Cars by John Bolster published by Autosport/Batsford 1964 The Bear Alley website gives more details about Theo Page

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BRM H16 Formula One illustration for Shell. Image courtesy of Don Grant

Cut away illustration for Auto sport magazine. Image courtesy of Don Grant

Book cover design for World Championship

Book cover design for Motoring is my Business