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Dennis (LYN) A L

Year working: Working 1920’s

The only art seen by A L Dennis is work for the Morris Owner in the mid 1920’s. Also believed to have signed work with D in a box. This is demonstrated by an article in The Morris Owner February 1926 in which it says the art borders are by A L Dennis. The art pictured in the article (as below) is signed with a boxed D. Also in the same magazine there is other art signed Lyn Dennis so it is assumed that art signed A L Dennis, Lyn Dennis and boxed D are the same person. Whether the artist was male (e.g. Lyndon) or female (e.g. Lynn) is not known. (Information and images courtesy of the late Robin Barraclough).

Further reference


Header signed with D in a box, text says border designs by A L Dennis

Morris Trucks poster 1924. Signed with boxed D. Image courtesy of CTA auctions

Morris Owner May 1924

Morris Owner July 1926

Front cover the Morris Owner July 1927

Morris Owner artwork November 1925

Pen and ink sketch

1928 Poster for Morris cars

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